Friday, August 24, 2012

Eid Mubarak!!!

Saturday was the last day of Ramadan so Sunday we got to Par-Tay!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Eid and I hope that all of our fasts were accepted. Inshallah.  Luckily Eid fell on a Sunday this year so my husband didn't have to worry about taking off from work or anything.  My husband went to the masjid for eid prayer in the morning and then we spent the rest of the day home. 
I made a big dinner with roasted chicken and potatoes which came out delicious.  We had stuffed grape leaves, salad, soup, rice.  I honestly can't remember all that I made.  For dessert I made kemal pasha.  I usually make baklava for Eid but I have been extra tired since my wisdom teeth are coming in and just didn't have the energy. 
I got BB a cute little wooden train set that he absolutely loves.  He walks around with his train going ch ch ch ch.  It is so cute.  Since our trip he is now obsessed with trains, planes and automobiles lol.  But seriously if he hears an airplane fly over us he stops and points to the sky. 
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of this Eid but I never get sick of seeing old ones.

Eid 2011
Next year I plan on going into Jamaica, Queens for Eid.  Eid Salat (prayer) there is unbelievable.  If you don't already follow HONY a.k.a. Humans of New York go do that.  The pictures are ah-mazing! Here is one of the pictures HONY took from this years Eid Salat in Queens.
This almost brings tears to my eyes.  A beautiful sea of humanity all bowing to our creator the One and Only God. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is the last week of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month on the Islamic lunar calendar. It is the month when the Holy Qur'an was first reveled to Prophet Muhammad (saw). During this month Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. This month provides the opportunity for great reward. Each good deed done by a fasting person its reward is multiplied ten times. Allah (swt) says in the Qur'an , ‘All the deeds of Adam's sons (people) are for them, except fasting which is for Me, and I will give the reward for it.'" During this month the time that was spent eating can be used for prayer.  Allah's Messenger (saw) said, "When the first night of Ramadan comes, the devils and the rebellious jinn are chained, the gates of Hell are locked and not one of them is opened; the gates of Paradise are opened and not one of them is locked; and a crier calls, 'You who desire what is good, come forward, and you who desire evil, refrain.' Some are freed from Hell by Allah, and that happens every night." (Tirmidhi).

Ramadan is my favorite time of year. It is a time of self reflection. The sense of community and brotherhood is increased. A billion Muslims are all doing this one act for our creator. It really is an amazing time. We fast for Allah, we fast so we can feel how the hungry feel everyday, we fast so our hearts can be soften and we can regain some humility. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home... Back from Turkey

After being away for a month I am so happy to be home. It was a long trip home especially after missing my original flight and having to go on stand by the following day. I though I may never get home. But we made it. And just in time for my 8 year wedding anniversary.
We had a great time in Turkey.  I learned so many new recipes (will post soon) and got to spend time with my in laws.  It was amazing how quickly my son adjusted to everyone and everything.  
BB and his cousin Lutfi.  I got them these matching outfits. They look so cute together.  They really are BFF's.  When we first arrived my son was shy and wouldn't go to anyone except Lutfi.  He went right up to Lutfi and gave him a big hug!

Our homemade swing holding BB and Lutfi.  With Harun Amca pushing and Satinur Abla.
Lutfi and BB playing cars on the balcony.
Getting water for iftar in Oylat.

My mother-in-law with BB.