Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home... Back from Turkey

After being away for a month I am so happy to be home. It was a long trip home especially after missing my original flight and having to go on stand by the following day. I though I may never get home. But we made it. And just in time for my 8 year wedding anniversary.
We had a great time in Turkey.  I learned so many new recipes (will post soon) and got to spend time with my in laws.  It was amazing how quickly my son adjusted to everyone and everything.  
BB and his cousin Lutfi.  I got them these matching outfits. They look so cute together.  They really are BFF's.  When we first arrived my son was shy and wouldn't go to anyone except Lutfi.  He went right up to Lutfi and gave him a big hug!

Our homemade swing holding BB and Lutfi.  With Harun Amca pushing and Satinur Abla.
Lutfi and BB playing cars on the balcony.
Getting water for iftar in Oylat.

My mother-in-law with BB.


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