Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Autumn Nature Table

I absolutely love our autumn nature table.  Every time I walk past it I just want to smile.  It is an area of peace and order in my sometimes chaotic home.  I have it set up on a short bookcase in our upstairs hallway across from BB's playroom.
Since Eid is this month, I wanted to incorporate some Eid decorations. On the left I put a centerpiece with a picture of a mosque that says "Happy Eid" in Arabic. 
On the right I have a wooden tree stacker and a glass squirrel.
What is autumn with out some apples and pumpkins.  I needle felted these last year.  I just love how they came out. 
BB and I wet felted these acorns last year. I am missing a lot and hope to make some more this year.  That fluffy stuff there is a milkweed seed pod that we found on one of our nature walks.



  1. Oh it would bring a smile to my face too! I love your felting! It's also very cool to see a other religions celebrated, not being of the Christian faith myself, I feel odd celebrating some of the Waldorf Holidays with our school, but I just think of them as nice stories, but it would be wonderful to see some other faiths worked into the rhythm of the year as well.

  2. Thank you Cynthia! I totally agree. It is hard when you are not Christian and there is such an emphasis on their holidays in the schools. I basically just pick and choose the aspects of Waldorf that I like and keep Islam as our foundation. I checked over at your blog and absolutely love your little winter gnomes!!